Five Gardening Benefits for Elderly

Five Gardening Benefits for Elderly

Published by HFA on January 14, 2024

Five Gardening Benefits for Elderly

Five Gardening Benefits for Elderly

A garden is a place with immense beauty and joy and that’s why gardening is a favourite hobby globally. With hundreds of different gorgeous flowers and vibrant greenery, it has tons of benefits for every age group. The ongoing pandemic and length lockdown periods have severely influenced our elder’s health. In this situation, gardening is the best solution to retain their physical and mental health by keeping the brain and body in motion. Learn more about the benefits that gardening brings for the senior citizens in the following section:

1- A Better Immunity System

We all know that plants provide us with oxygen which is a necessity of life. Presently, covid-19 is becoming unstoppable as its variants keep coming from time to time. In this situation, senior citizens are the ones who can get severe effects of covid-19 and a strong immunity system is very important to fight back the deadly virus. This is when gardening comes to the rescue. Although gardening is kind of messy as it involves mud and dirt, the outcomes are loveliest and healthiest for the elderly. The garden soil contains a bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae which is very beneficial for boosting the immune system. Not only this but the advantageous bacteria also eliminate the signs of asthma, depression, allergies, and psoriasis which is a blessing for the senior citizens in the covid-times.

2- Stress-Free Life

High blood pressure and mental stress is the main concern in the elderly these days. Luckily, gardening has a cure for every problem. It involves a lot of movement with continuous hands and eyes coordination which synchronises the body and mind. Therefore, gardening can control the cortisol levels (stress hormones) in humans. Not only this but it can also help in producing serotonin which helps in calming the brain thereby maintaining glucose levels and a good mood. Moreover, the bliss of the garden combined with the cosy sunlight and bunch of sprawlingly gorgeous flowers naturally brings joy and peace for elders.

3- Free Therapy for Lifetime

The loveliness of plants improves the overall mood and well-being of the elderly. Gardening comes with many physical as well as psychological benefits. Plants are a part of our lives whether it’s a celebration or a funeral, they are everywhere just in different colours. The exquisite beauty of plants helps in enhancing perceptions and lowering anxiety levels. An outdoor space is not necessary for gardening. Senior citizens can also do this indoors by simply keeping a plant pot on the window. Whether you live in your own home or an assisted facility with different people, this hobby has no limitations.

4- Minimised Threat of Dementia

Maintaining a garden requires a lot of creativity, motivation, and strength. Deciding the type and place of putting plants and then taking care of them is what makes gardening a tough yet beautiful job. All of this involves critical thinking with sensory awareness. That is why, according to a study, gardening helps in minimising the dementia risk by 36%. Senior citizens can maintain their physical strength and mental capabilities by just giving 25 – 30 minutes daily to gardening and getting lifetime benefits.

5- A Healthy Lifestyle

Old, aged people usually rest in their daily life. They don’t do workouts or any other productive activity to warm up their bodies. That is why they face different health issues with time. In these circumstances, gardening is a one-step solution for them. Pulling and planting seedlings involves bending, squatting, and stretching which can burn almost 200 – 300 calories in one hour. Not only this, but gardening provides a balanced vitamin D intake and lowers the risks of heart attack up to 30%. Therefore, gardening brings beauty and health together for senior citizens.

A green thumb is a healthy thumb and we at Noble Care make sure that our senior residents stay active, happy, and healthy by providing them different opportunities. Our nursing homes and retirement resorts are designed in vast capacities which include the play area and gardening spaces. Noble care is the second name of love, care, and respect for the elder community. We want to keep them active and liveliest, and we are sure that gardening will surely help us in achieving this goal in no time.


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