Asia is said to be ageing faster than other continents. There will be an increasing demand for caregivers and healthcare personnel to provide care for their daily living and survival needs. It is anticipated that we need 20,000 trained and qualified caregivers in the coming 10 years to fill all the vacancies.
We are now inviting applicants from Malaysia and foreign workers who will be selected and shortlisted for the above program. This is a golden opportunity for deserving students who want to pursue a career in the Aged Care Industry (Old Folk Homes, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Wellness Homes and Retirement Resorts).
There will be 30 Scholarships available for the year 2017. The students will be given the following benefits. 100% sponsorship for the tuition fee, meals, accommodations, and transport. Qualified students will be awarded monthly stipends and will be offered 1- to 3-year contract jobs at Noble Care Centres, as well as other aged care outlets and health care institutions in Malaysia and overseas.

Who can Apply

1) SPM Students from Science Stream, ability to read and write English
2) Diploma Holders in Nursing
3) Diploma Holders in any Health Discipline
4) Currently Working Caregivers with reference letter

Note: Interviews and Entrance Tests will be conducted before a candidate can be accepted.

Duration of program

Six Months of Skill development and hands-on training plus one to two years of On Job Supervised Training (OJST).

Future Prospect of program

After the completion of the program, you will be able to work in the Aged Care Industry as a Caregiver, Assistant Nurse, Community Care Workers, Private Home Care Worker, and Private Nurse in Malaysia as well as in other countries like Singapore, Australia, Korea, China, Japan, etc. There is a great demand for trained Caregivers daily around the world today.

Cost involve in this program

1) Six-month Skill Development and Hands-On Fees: RM 9,000.00
2) Monthly Food Allowance: RM 300.00
3) Accommodation Allowance (Monthly): RM 300.00
4) Transport/Travel Allowance (Monthly): RM 200.00
5) Total Allowances (RM 800.00 x
The intake will be divided into 3 batches of 10 each throughout 2017. This will benefit a total of 30 students in a year.