Senior Citizens Care

Noble Care Malaysia is an organization that offers health and support to elderly people of the country. We provide excellent senior independent living options for them.
We are part of the social responsibility program of the Government of Malaysia. Taking care of an elderly family member is not easy. It might need caring oversight twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is particularly important when their health is failing or they live with age-related conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If their young family members have a daily job, they cannot provide proper care for their elders. Medical care and senior community living care services are expensive. Not even middle-class families can afford high-quality services. However, everyone wants the best for their elderly parents: a nice, safe environment where someone cares for them. We aim to support elderly people, in particular, those who live with disabilities or diseases. They need special services.

They need an experienced staff of health care providers and nurses. We have already established twenty model senior care centres all over Malaysia. And we plan to make one hundred new centres altogether.

We offer a wide range of services for ageing people: our old folks can live independently if they are in good health and they are active. We also provide assisted living options for those who need a bit of help with their everyday activities. We provide specialized 24/7 care services for those who are bedridden or affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

We have experienced nurses who know how to deal with these patients. Our staff members are polite, empathic and caring. They help your parents /elderly family member with their nursing needs, they provide bathing services, linen services, laundry services, medicine management, housekeeping services, apartment maintenance, grooming services and everything that an ageing person might need. Our Nursing staff have the abilities and skills to create such activities as puzzle games, painting, ball games, daily exercise and outdoor activities by which the Old Folks can find that they Are in their Own Family.

We can take care of elderly people who have had serious health problems like stroke or heart attack. We can deal with those who have to be tube fed, those who need catheters or tracheostomy tubes, gastrostomies or colostomy bags.

We know how to take care of people who have cancer. We know how to address age-related issues like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We also work in hospice care. We want to make sure that our residents have good lives. We want to offer them a comfortable home. We want to keep them happy and healthy.

We do not interfere with their lifestyles: we respect their taste and decisions. Since we are part of a government program, we offer professional services and affordable, reasonable prices. We do not want to burden families with high prices.

We provide stellar senior independent living services and holistic healing services, yet we work for a minimum of profit, just enough to sustain our senior care facilities. Fifty per cent of our full income goes to our poor and sick residents.

We want to extend our services all over Malaysia. We have a dream to take care of every single elderly person who lives alone and might need help and care. We aim to provide excellent housing options and senior community living options for elderly people in Malaysia. Old people deserve long, happy, good lives. We want to make their golden years better and brighter. We make it our mission. At Noble Care, they can live with respect and dignity.

Noble Care wants to make sure that once people hit retirement age, they still know that their family loves them and needs them. They should know that they would live a peaceful, good life. They should never feel helpless or unloved.

We at Noble Care respects the personal interests, traditions, and faith of our residents. We try to understand what kind of sociocultural background they have.

We also have Pilot Project, a new approach to senior care. A devoted team of experts and consultants have designed and developed the program that includes issues like welfare, medical care and rehabilitation. We have already served thousands of families. We worked with elderly persons who were affected by stroke, had a limp amputated or had cancer. We are proud to report that we made their lives better and easier. We want to help several elderly persons, as many as possible. We want to provide a secure, smooth, carefree life for them. Once a resident moves into a Noble Care facility, they should know that they are at home.