Retirement Homes – Luxury Retirement Services

Outside, in the hallway, my mother stopped. She pressed both hands to her chest, closed her eyes, and said under her breath,“It’s so bitter.”
“What, Mama?” I asked.
“Old age!” She replied.– Siri Hustvedt, The Summer Without MenThere is nothing bitter about old age. At NOBLE CARE RETIREMENT Homes, you will find that old age is a joyous journey, one that can be filled with fun activities, laughter, companionship, personal freedom, pampering and most importantly, family time.NOBLE CARE is a trusted name in health care and retired folks community care.As professionals with over two decades of experience in this industry, we have developed an innovative model of resort-like living for the retired and elderly community, moving steps ahead of assisted livingdisease management24-hour nursing care and emergency care services.We are striving hard to change the concept of an old folks home in Asia to a retirement and wellness resort home. Set in a sprawling area, close to one hectare, Noble Care has revolutionized the concept of retirement homes, creating lifestyle resort living with healthcare facilities that will keep you happy, healthy and dignified in your golden years.Sitting at the top of the hill of  Kuala Lumpur South, the resort boasts a tree house, gym facilities, zen gardens and a tranquil rooftop terrace that offers you a bird’s eye view of the bustling cityscape.Ask any elderly person and he/she would say “I don’t feel old. I just feel like someone young who has something wrong with him.” So why should we treat our elderly parents/grandparents as old folks?

Instead of sending them to a traditional old folks home, tied to the stigma of dread and drear of being tucked away, awaiting the embrace of life, give them a dream home with fun-filled days of pleasing leisure activities assisted by cheerful, charming, energetic and professional staff ready to treat them like VVIPs.

Your loved ones deserve to be pampered with spas and saunas, massages, Yoga and Tai Chi activities. They deserve a wellness resort, so every day is like a holiday getaway!

The new model of retirement resort provides comfortable, relaxing and cheerful living for your parents and grandparents. It is a concept of personalised living, that accords its guests personal freedom, and dignified living, with the assistance of friendly and round-the-clock skilled staff, akin to butler services.


As Asians, our culture instills love and respect for the elderly, and the need to care for them till the end.1) At Noble Care Retirement Homes, we understand the Asian taboo of sending a loved one to a nursing home, so our facilities promote a home-like environment where you have the freedom and privacy to visit your loved ones as often as you wish.2) We provide home-cooked meals that are healthy, nutritious and tasty with menu options to suit your loved ones’ tastes.3) 24-hour assistance, just as you would give them at home.4) We assure you the provision of an excellent quality of life for your parents/grandparents when they are really in need.5) Statistics show by 2020 over 15% of the population is projected to be over 60 years old, as working members of society, we will help you fulfil your responsibility of caring for your elderly.

6) Professional staff, trained in the field of elderly care, so your loved ones are in safe hands.

7) Daily medical monitoring to ease your worry towards their health.

8) Brain gym and personalised memory stimulation exercises.

9) Self-hypnosis and NLP training for mental stimulation.

10) Preventive health and wellness living concept, including acupuncture treatment, spa, sauna, and massage facilities.

11) At Noble Care, your loved ones are guests, not patients or inmates.

So pay back the love and care your parents accorded you with the gift of a luxurious living experience at NOBLE CARE RETIREMENT RESORT.


Enjoy your golden days being a VVIP guest and living like Kings and Queens in Noble Care Retirement Homes. We specialize in providing unmatched facilities and services at our resorts. We develop tailor-made retirement plans for your loved ones and yourself. We offer a healthy, Active, and full of fun living in our resort homes.

Daily Living Activities with partial to complete Assistance

1) Personnel hygiene, Bathing, Oral Hygiene, skin and hair care2) Housekeeping, Laundry, washing, cleaning mopping, vacuuming, etc3) Preparing dress and clothing as required4) Assistance in mobility and memory support

Health Care Services

1) Daily measurement and maintenance of Temperature, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar other vitals2) Appropriate and on-time medication3) Follow-up and coordination with family doctors and hospital consultation appointments4) Medical record keeping and updating health and disease management for follow-ups

Food and Nutrition

1) Health, fresh, and appropriate food provision planned by dietitians2) Wide range of tastes and choices Indian, Thai, Malay, Chinese, and Western cuisine3) Herbal and organic recipes4) 24-hour in-house kitchen and restaurant

Physical Fitness

1) Supervised and monitored physical exercises and activities designed for individual needs2) Controlled exercises by Physiotherapists physical trainers and gym instructors3) Use of gym equipment under guidance, assistance, and supervision4) Yoga/ Tai Chi and specialized programs5) Lymphatic massage and Relaxation massages6) Spa and Sauna

Personalized Brain and Memory Exercises

1) Best services for weak memory, Dementia and Alzheimer’s2) Concentration and brain activity games3) Tailor-made individual brain gym games and exercises4) Relaxation and concentration activities

Preventive Health and Wellness services

1) Wellness Spa2) Herbal drinks and recipes3) Aroma bath and treatments4) Lymphatic massage and medical massage5) Self-hypnosis and NLP exercises training and treatments6) Communicable or Lifestyle Disease prevention training and programs

7) Yoga, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Acupuncture treatments


We provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor games:

Indoor Games

1) Badminton

2) Table

3) Tennis

4) Carom

5) Board

6) Chess


8) Scrabble and a variety of games

Outdoor Games

1) Golf

2) Foot Ball

3) Swimming

4) Horse Riding

5) Jogging and Tracking

6) Hiking and many more


Our manicured gardens pose a suitable location for a host of celebrations that allow your loved ones to be a part of.1) Birth Days Celebrations2) Marriage ceremonies3) Family Reunions4) Family Feasts5) Hari Raya / Deepavali / Chinese New Year / Christmas all festivals and celebrations6) Public Holidays/ weekend activities

7) Social gatherings, Seminars, workshops, festivals, public shows, etc.

Noble Care Malaysia owns, manages, and operates all aspects of senior citizen’s living, care, and health management services.