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Things to Consider when Traveling with an Aging Parent

Traveling with an ailment or disability can be incredibly exhausting and taxing, especially for older people. Many seniors experience nausea, headaches, joint pains from sitting too long in the same position, and bladder pains from waiting for restrooms while traveling. Despite many elderly care challenges, traveling with an aging Parent or your senior loved ones is extremely rewarding – it allows you to spend quality time together, share delightful memories, and brings you closer to them during the experience.

If you plan to travel to breathtaking destinations with an aging parent soon, you have come to the perfect place! Keep reading this article to learn valuable tips and guidelines from our elderly care experts at My Noble Care to make your dream trip a reality for yourself and your senior loved one. 

Things to Consider when Traveling with an Aging Parent

1. Book a Medical Consultation

Remember, older people are not as robust as everyone younger around them! With age, you lose the privilege to travel whenever, wherever you want. Before planning the trip, consider getting a medical assessment of your aging parent and consult with their doctor to discuss if they can safely enjoy the journey, given their health status. Next, take the doctor’s suggestions on how you can optimize the travel to make it most convenient for them. 

Traveling for long distances can take a severe toll on an older person’s health, requiring all-rounded care for their medical needs before and during the trip. For some, it may cause travel-related illness/weakness or worsen an existing health condition. The best approach is to keep strict tabs on medication, meals, hydration, exhaustion and comfort level the aged parent at all times. 

2. Be Prepared for Alternatives

The most essential part of travel is planning the whole trip in advance. Picking out places to eat, stopping for gas or beautiful scenery, booking a hotel in advance, and estimating the number of stops you will make along the way, are some of the few details we religiously consider. While having a roadmap for your travel plans is a great plus, embracing flexibility with all your decisions is even more crucial when traveling with an aging parent. 

Be mentally prepared for any changes you might have to introduce to your plan or an emergency situation, altering your trip checklist. Keep the health and security of your aging parent the top priority, and we are sure you will have the best time with them. 

3. Make them Feel at Home

Familiarity with the living environment is very beneficial for seniors. While staying at a hotel, unpack their luggage and set up the room in a homey way to make it easier for them to adjust to the new place. Place their belongings in the closet and on the nightstand to give them a sense of security. Remember, small, thoughtful acts for an elderly parent during the trip can go a long way for their mental relief from the intimidating parts of the journey!

4. Do not Make them Feel Lonely

Many people make the appalling mistake of planning a trip with their aged parents and then stranding them during the trip to escape the responsibility and maximize personal enjoyment. It can be highly detrimental to the parent’s physical and mental health. 

Ensure you engage your loved one in compelling conversations and minimally tiring activities. Ask them about their experience, and show interest in caring about how they want to spend time.  

5. Carefully Plan Stretching Breaks

Sitting in the same place for hours can be uncomfortable for everyone, but for seniors, it may cause severe aches or cramps in joints and muscles. When planning the trip, make considerable room for stretching breaks at places supporting well-rated elderly services. 

Let them know at the beginning of the journey that they can request to make a stop whenever they feel like it. Showing them that their comfort matters significantly will save both parties from many avoidable medical issues. 

6. Take Coronavirus Precautions

Last but not least, you must take all the necessary steps to follow the Covid-19 SOPs, including wearing masks, ensuring vaccination, and keeping the recommended medical equipment in case of any emergency. Seniors are the most exposed age group to the evils of the novel pandemic; hence, you should take all the safety precautions when traveling with an aging parent. 

My Noble Care team wishes you the best for your travel plans and would love to provide expert elderly care advice if you have any queries!


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