Business Model


Noble Care is a welfare and humanity services that provides rehabilitation and holistic care for the aged and disabled. Our services initiative is also in support of the Government's social responsibility programs to provide residential care for the old folks, homeless, needy especially from the underprivileged and deserving communities. this is reflected in our tag line.

"Care and Nursing services for deserving people."

Key Objectives

1) To ensure the provision of basic living and medical facilities to the old folks who need and deserve the services.
2) To ensure that every old person must get the care, love, respect, and attention in his retirement year.

Customer Targets

1) Elderly individuals with disabilities
2) Elderly individuals above the age of sixty living alone or with families

Customer Challenges

1) Narrowing social circles.
2) Lack of understanding by loved ones.
3) Non-acceptance and fear of harsh reality.
4) Health problems.
5) Limiting mobility.
6) Increasing aggression and mood swings.

Our Solution

Noble Care have a wide range of aged care facilities. Our services encompass all the main areas of elderly care namely Noble Care Noble Nursing Homes Noble Training Academy Noble Retirement Homes Development and Management Noble Age Care Consultants Homes Our speciality and strength in serving old folks in independent living, assisted living, low care, high care and intensive care.

Our Value

We offered the best elderly care services thorough out Malaysia (basic living, medical facilities, love, attention). That is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG#3).



1) 50-percent admission free or minimal charges
2) 5000-7000 Ringgit. All basic services plus access to premium services

Our Messaging

Noble Care Malaysia is a leading care service in Malaysia. Our vision is to easy access to customer for integrated Family Homes, Retirement Resorts and Nursing Homes for Elderly Care Services and Facilities.

Go to Market

1) Social Media
2) Website
3) Paid access.

Investment Required

1) Design new cost model based on bundle and integrated care.
2) Measure outcome and cost per elderly.
3) Expand services through geographies.

Growth Opportunity

1) Collaboration
2) Premium Offering
3) Establishing long-term customer relationships
4) IT integrated services to meet elderly needs.

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