Noble Care Malaysia

Noble Care Malaysia provides efficient and satisfying in-home care services via our professional nurses. Noble Care Malaysia is a welfare and humanity services organization to help the deserving members of our society. Our various well-equipped model centers work and provide holistic care and quality services to old and ailing community members. Noble Care is specialized in providing Home Nursing sphere in which Noble Nurses provide multidimensional Home Care to patients of all ages. Our Noble Home Nurses create the care plan to achieve goals based on the client’s diagnosis, including preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative actions. Noble Care Home Nurses provides holistic care and quality services to those having difficulty coping with daily activities and chores

Home Nursing / Private Nursing

Our trained Nurses are available 24 hours to care for the elderly in their own homes too. Our Home Nursing Staff is trained to:

1) Helping patients to wash, shower, or dress.

2) Serving food or helping people eat.

3) Making and changing beds.

4) Turning patients who are bed-bound to avoid pressure sores.

5) Talking to patients to help them feel less anxious.

6) Helping patients to move around if they find it difficult.

7) Giving out and collecting bedpans and helping patients to the toilet.

8) Making sure the patients’ home is tidy.

9) Keeping supplies and equipment in order.

10) Taking and recording patient observations such as temperature, pulse, and breathing.

Transport patients, specimens, blood products, and documents.
Noble Home Nursing team comprises experienced people and has the warmth and compassion to care for and support those who are needy, vulnerable, or ill. They are trained enough to give respect, quality treatment, and support our elderly. Our Trained staff work systematically, efficiently, and effectively and is responsible for promoting health and disease prevention, medication administration, educating patients on their current diagnosis, providing emotional support, and providing primary care such as personal hygiene.

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