Changing Ng Tube

Nasogastric tubes provide a vital route to deliver nutrition, fluids, and medication to patients with impaired swallowing, unsafe oral access, or increased energy requirements that cannot be met orally. The NG tube is inserted through the patient’s nose and into his or her stomach to provide them with food, fluids, and medication. Our expert and trained nursing staff at Noble Care followed the precautionary measures by keeping the skin around the NG tube clean by using warm water and a washcloth. Remove any crusts or secretions from around the nose. Use adhesive remover to prevent damaging the skin, and make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the new tape. Nasal tubes are intended for short-term use. At Noble Care, we change the tube every two weeks or as and when required, depending on the type of tube.
We believe in caring for our elderly with the utmost care and love.
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