Colostomy Bag Changing Facility at Nursing & Retirement Home in Malaysia

Colostomy Care at Noble Care

Colostomy irrigation is a beneficial procedure for certain types of colostomies to facilitate the movement of stool through the colon. However, maintaining healthy skin around the stoma is essential for overall well-being. At Noble Care, our dedicated nursing staff ensures that patients’ skin remains healthy by employing various measures.

Skin Care Protocol at Best Old Folks Home In Malaysia

The skin around the stoma should ideally resemble the skin elsewhere on the abdomen. However, ostomy output can sometimes lead to tenderness or soreness in this area. To prevent such issues, our nursing team prioritizes skin health by using appropriately sized pouches and skin barriers. Regular pouch changes are also essential to avoid leaks and irritation.

Hydration and Monitoring

Before applying a new skin barrier or pouch, our staff ensures that the skin is adequately hydrated to promote optimal adherence and comfort. We closely monitor the condition of the skin and promptly address any signs of itching or burning, which may indicate the need for a pouch change.

Pouch Change Routine

Colostomy pouches are typically changed every 3–5 days at Noble Care. To maintain consistency and track pouch changes, our staff dates the tape on the pouch and records this information in the patient’s calendar. This proactive approach helps ensure timely pouch changes and reduces the risk of complications.

Patient-Centered Care

At Noble Care, we prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction in all aspects of colostomy care. Our nursing staff is attentive to individual needs and concerns, promptly addressing any issues that may arise. We believe in proactive communication and encourage patients to notify us if they experience any discomfort or skin irritation, enabling us to provide prompt and effective care.

In conclusion, at Noble Care, we are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate colostomy care. By prioritizing skin health, implementing regular pouch changes, and maintaining open communication with patients, we strive to ensure optimal comfort and well-being for all individuals under our care.