7 Things We Do at My Noble Care Old Folks Home

7 Things We Do at My Noble Care Old Folks Home

Isolation and lack of adequate care and attention can immensely harm a senior person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Taking care of an elderly loved one entails being able to provide 24/7 oversight, instant medical care in the face of emergencies, and regularly keeping tabs on their medication, meals, and water intake. Individuals with busy schedules often find it hard to do justice to these responsibilities. Old folks homes specialize in fulfilling these duties and providing senior citizens with a better, healthy, and secure lifestyle. 

7 Things We Do at My Noble Care Old Folks Home

Here are seven things we do at My Noble Care old folks homes to ensure our residents and patients have a comfortable and safe living environment complemented with a homey and family-like culture. 

1. Conducting Regular Social Activities 

One of the aims we hold dearest to our hearts is to guarantee a lively, well-spirited atmosphere in our old folks homes to stimulate brain and muscle engagement in seniors and give them a chance to interact with each other. Therefore Organizing reading circles, board games, and ice-breaking pastimes help keep our residents in a cheerful mood, minimizing their chances of sulking and feeling lonely. 

Flourishing mental health can positively impact the overall well-being of any individual, especially an older person. With age, the probability of developing a mental disorder increases, which makes seniors dangerously prone to the evils of social isolation. At My Noble Care, we try our best to eliminate the possibility of such scares. 

2. Around-the-Clock Supervision

Senior citizens require 24/7 attention, as most cannot even perform trivial tasks alone. Everyday chores and basic activities like grooming, bathing, dressing, cleaning, and cooking may appear exceptionally exhausting and overwhelming for them. However The nursing staff at our old folks homes is well aware and sufficiently trained to look after the residents and assist them during their daily routines without leaving room for any careless mishaps.  

3. Professional Medical Assistance

Some seniors often need constant access to medical professionals and adequate equipment due to the nature of their ailments. While it may seem challenging to ensure and afford such facilities at your place, moving your loved one to an old folks home will release you of all worries in this respect. 

Our nursing and retirement homes provide all-time professional medical assistance and keep a close eye on the individual medical needs of all our patients and residents. Moreover It proves immensely beneficial in emergency medical situations and offers comfort and relief to the senior loved one’s family. 

4. Timely Provision of Meals and Medication in old folks home

Seniors dealing with weakness, memory loss, or forgetfulness often unconsciously skip meals and medicine doses. This practice, when repeated and left unchecked, may tremendously debilitate an elderly’s well-being. Grave conditions like dehydration and malnutrition can leave significantly adverse footprints on an older person’s health. Therefore, our elderly care homes pay special attention to ensuring timely provision of meals, medicine dosage, and water intake during the day to maximize the health prospects of our residents. 

5. Encouraging an Active Lifestyle in old folks home

Physical activity is essential for a healthy mind and body. For seniors, it decreases the risk of falling prey to several geriatric (age-related) diseases, including heart diseases, arthritic, diabetes, and mental illnesses. Moreover At Noble Care’s old folks homes, we strive to provide an active and fit lifestyle for our residents, encouraging them to do age-appropriate exercises, yoga, walking, and jogging to stay healthy. 

6. Building Relationships Among Residents

Having a sense of belonging feels heavenly to individuals from all age groups. However, this feeling is difficult to retain with age when your social interactions and mobility are limited. After the onset of the pandemic, seniors faced a heightened risk of mental health issues due to a lack of connection with friends, family, and the community around them. 

Our staff at My Noble Care is highly vigilant in identifying the importance of activities targeting bringing forth meaningful interactions and relationships among residents. 

7. Prioritizing the Elderly’s Comfort and Safety In old folks home

Lastly, one of our top priorities remains ensuring that no compromise is made for the comfort and safety of our elderly. They are treated with the utmost empathy, respect, love, and care and reminded daily that their comfort comes first. We prefer making them a part of our team and helping them at every step of their healing and living journey while they are at our care centers.

Contact us today if you are looking for a trusted elder care home for your senior loved one, and we promise you will not be disappointed! 

Published by HFA on January 14, 2024


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