The biggest and most Honest investors

The biggest and most Honest investors


The biggest and most honest investors in the world are your parents, they are the investors who spend three types of capital on their children!!!

  • Wealth
  • Time (all your life)
  • Their youth/age (beauty , strength)

And these (parents) are such investors that:

They sacrifice their time, age, money and their thoughts without any greed. They never think that what they are investing in will benefit them further or not. … 

But finally, when they have reached the stage of their age after building the palaces of their desires and running for life, where they become weak by sacrificing all their strength to you. Only then, a humble desire is born in their heart and they know what that desire is. 

That just as we strengthened the weak and faltering feet of our children, held their hands and taught them to walk, nurtured them with love and compassion, in the same way our children should also be our support. 

Humble wishes of parents: 

  • We have forgotten to walk teach us to walk,
  • We have forgotten to eat, feed us,
  • We have forgotten to live, teach us to live, 
  • We have forgotten to laugh teach us to laugh,

 If you want to learn pure love, then learn it from your parents, look at them and you will realize that they have sacrificed themselves while making you and there is no demand from you in return. This is called true love, to destroy oneself and keep your loved one alive and to make every possible effort to improve life without any greed for profit. 

May God recognize the value of your parents, ?? 

Appreciate them, love them, give them the time they need the most, don’t be discouraged by their frequent questioning or asking, it is their right and your duty to do so. Be aware of every aspect of your life and self and prevent you from going down the wrong path. That which they themselves have gone through, so just like when they asked you ten times in their childhood, they answered with a smile without any wrinkle, in the same way, you also have this test and duty to answer them with a smile without any wrinkle. When asked a hundred times, answer with a smile. 

Whenever you raise your hands to pray
First of all, pray for your parents, God willing, all your prayers will be accepted.

Even if your parents are alive, and even if they have passed away, make sure to make this Dua for them. 

اَللّٰھُمَّ رَبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا﴾ [الإسراء:  24] 

Treat your parents according to God’s commands:

Translation: And your Lord commanded that you worship none but Him and treat your parents well. If one or both of them reaches old age in front of you, do not say anything to them and do not reprimand them and speak to them in a nice, soft way.

And bend the arm of humility for them with a gentle heart and pray: O my Lord! So have mercy on both of them as they both raised me as a child.
[Al-Isra: 23, 24] 

May Allah make us loving and obedient to our parents.
Teach this text to your children even if your children have become parents themselves 

Published by HFA on January 14, 2024


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