5 Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Heat And The Older Adults – 5 Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Heat And The Older Adults – 5 Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Heat And The Older Adults – 5 Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Heat can be harmful, and the elderly are especially susceptible to its adverse effects; why? Because it can be deadly simultaneously, the elderly are especially vulnerable to its products because of their weak bodily system. 

The majority of us yearn for warmer weather and to feel the sun on our faces. However, we should be prepared for hot weather because extreme temperatures can be hazardous to our health.  

Why are older adults more sensitive to heat-related illnesses?

During the summer, older persons are more susceptible to heat-related sickness. Their ability to detect temperature changes and recognize when they’re too hot may have been hampered. It could be due to cognitive impairment or the nervous system’s ability to feel temperatures deteriorating with age. 

Heat-related sickness in elders can range from minor irritations like a rash or cramps to more severe and even fatal situations like heatstroke. 

Fortunately, by taking a few basic precautions and knowing about the dangers of heat on seniors, you can help keep them safe throughout the summer. 

My Noble Care has taken these precautions for their residents, and during a heatwave, these five simple precautions can keep you – or your elderly loved ones and neighbors, safe and cool.

1. Drinking Plenty of Water To Escape Dehydration one of the Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Many heat-related health concerns in seniors are caused by dehydration. Dehydration depletes the body of essential salts and minerals. 

Dehydration can cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and other health problems for seniors. Loss of minerals, bladder infections, kidney stones, and other complications can result from severe or long-term dehydration.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in any of the following forms: 

  • Drinks made entirely of water, such as pure orange or apple juice. 
  • Electrolyte-rich drinks
  • Coconut Water  
  • Fresh Fruit Juices 

2. Stay Indoors during Midday 

The optimum time to go outside during summers, especially during the heatwave, is before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m., when the temperature is more relaxed. Ensure that you or you’re elderly stay indoors to avoid any heatwave mishaps. 

Take Precautions like: 

  • During the day, keep your windows and blinds closed.
  • Bathe or shower in ordinary to cold water.
  • Use light linens and sleep in your coolest room.
  • Electronics and artificial illumination should be turned off. 

3. Wear Breathable Clothes one of the Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

When it’s hot outside, choosing your outfit wisely is critical. This seemingly trivial choice can significantly impact, especially during periods of the heatwave. 

By allowing the body to cool more readily, your clothes and even accessories like umbrellas can help you avoid sunburns and heat fatigue.

Always try to go for lighter colors and soft fabric. 

4. Avoid Unnecessary Heat Exposure

Remind your elderly relative that relaxing throughout the summer might benefit their overall health and energy levels. 

When exposed to the daylight, their bodies have to work extra hard to stay calm. In addition, heart and metabolic rates rise immensely. Even doing something as easy as sitting outside might exhaust them.

When the humidity or dew point is high, it’s best to unwind and avoid outdoor activities to keep yourself safe. 

5. Avoid Cold Water In Scorching Heat one of the Tips To Stay Safe In Hottest Season

Never drink ice-cold water in the scorching heat! When a person drinks ice-cold water, the micro blood vessels may explode due to the difference between heat inside and that of cold water. This danger can occur not only by drinking ice-cold water, but even by washing your hands, face, or feet with the freezing water may be hazardous. 


When a heat wave strikes, people quickly ensure that children and dogs are not left outside or in cars for lengthy periods, but the elderly, who are among the most vulnerable, are frequently ignored. That is why the staff of My Noble Care has come up with these common but highly effective steps that can actually help you stay safe and sound from scorching heat and heat wave sickness.

Published by Noman on January 14, 2024


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