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Features of a Muslim Nursing Home (Pusat Jagaan Pesakit Mental Islam)

The Muslim Nursing Home, care home,Features of a Muslim Nursing Home (Pusat Jagaan Pesakit Mental Islam) rest home and intermediate care center, is a place of residence for people who need continual nursing care and have striking difficulty managing with the required activities of daily living.

Nursing helpers and skilled nurses are 24 hours available a day for the residents comprise the elderly and younger adults with mental or physical disabilities. People in a nursing home receive physical, mental, occupational and other rehabilitative therapies. Residents have specific legal rights depend on the nation the facility is situated in.

Nursing home for Muslim Patients

Features of a Muslim Nursing Home

A nursing house that provides facilities according to Islamic values by keeping Islamic laws and hadiths in mind is referred .As a Muslims nursing home where Muslims elderly care services are offered professionally. Delivering high quality care to Muslim patients includes having an awareness of implications of the Islamic faith and beliefs.
Nurses should understand the inferences of spiritual and cultural values for clinical practices. They should be aware of the need for modesty and privacy. The appropriate use of touch, dietary requirement and use of medications should be very strictly checked whether it is halal or not. And if hospital meal times clashes prayer time alternate arrangement may be required.

Muslim Old Folk home

Although some Muslim patients are exempted for health reasons while many want to fast during Ramadan so their meal should be taken care at pre-dawn and post evening. In case of life threatening emergency, there are no restrictions on the medical treatment that could be provided to Muslim patient.

Patient should get taken care of their neatness of their clothes and bodies, as neatness is an important aspect of living for a Muslim community. Islamic culture represents the customs & traditions which evolve from daily practice of people succeeding authentic teachings of Islam.

In general, when various culture of Muslim around the world is compared, the common features found in all countries and regions so the nurses should respect. The Islamic cultural values and they should conduct the daily religious classes in the Muslims old folk home.

Main features of a Muslims Nursing Home

Following are the core facilities and features that a nursing home for Muslims should have.

Privacy and modesty

During hospitalization, Muslim patient’s modesty and privacy should be valued, and preferably, they should be take care by a nurse of same gender.

Dietary considerations

Islam has rules about types of food that is permissible (halal) and prohibited (haram). The key forbidden foods are, Pork and it’s by products, alcohol, Animal fats and meat that has not been slaughtered according to Islamic regulation.


Medications to treat the sick have same case of halal and haram, it is forbidden to use haram medication that uses Pork or alcohol.

Other consideration

The usage of left hand is considered unclean in Muslim cultures. To avoid offence the following objectives should be done by right hand, feeding, Medicine administration, handing items to patients.

Caring for Muslim patients in Muslims nursing home, involves meeting their needs in the context of their own culture and beliefs. Islam does not only provide guidance but also puts substantial emphasis on health and prevention.

Several Islamic beliefs will affect Muslim patients’ attitudes and behavior in nursing homes, hospital and community settings. It is important for nurses to have understanding of these so they can offer culturally appropriate care while performing Muslims elderly care.

When working for Muslims nursing home it is important to understand why certain acts are carried out .Why adherence or non-adherence to treatment may occur.

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